Driving Software Testing Forward in the UK

UK Testing Board (UKTB) is a not for profit legal entity formed in 2007 whose roles include:

  • Support for ISTQB® certification schemes in the UK
  • Provision of accreditation for ISTQB® trainers and training materials in the UK via our exam partners (BCS and iSQI)
  • Working with testers, employers, education and other standard bodies to advance the professionalism of the software testing profession in the UK
  • The power behind UK language ISTQB® exams for BCS, iSQI and other international ISTQB® Exam Boards
  • Leading the industrialisation of Software Testing within the UK market through process consistency and standards adoption

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UKTB Board Members


The UKTB is a not for profit organisation, made up of volunteers from within the UK.  The Directors work on a voluntary basis on the board. All are specialists, practitioners, consultants and trainers that have experience in software testing and quality assurance related positions.

The board represents a cross section of testing companies from the UK (large companies, smaller companies and training providers) where no more than 49% of the board can be selected from any one company.

Each board member has a set of defined responsibilities as shown in the image.

Latest UKTB Updates


So incredible to have some many of the #TMMi Local Chapters together in one place to discuss developments for the future. #SuccessWithTMMi @TMMiFoundation https://t.co/du0ypxrqra

Just found this little promotion for the new Digital #TLevel qualifications that are being introduced for youngsters in this country from 2020. Proud to have contributed to one of the first advisory panels. https://t.co/w4jCn4hgim

'Missing the Mark: Ten Reasons Why #Automation Fails Across the Software Development Lifecycle' reveals how orgs can ensure that their investments function as a source of competitive advantage. https://t.co/QzxQc1IoMr

Check out @FionaCCharles UKSTAR 2019 Keynote "Technology’s Feet on Society’s Ground" - https://t.co/uWota53DQ3

Some lovely chalk work from Robyn on our new Wifi details blackboard. Pop in for a chat if you want the password! #TestLab #Wifi #Eastbourne #Testing

We had a great time at #testnet yesterday! Looking forward to returning to the Netherlands next month for our conference in the Hague! 🙂 https://t.co/64vlr4sk3t

Is your enterprise #IoT ready? Read this @Gartner_inc report to apply a formal approach to developing a business-focused IoT framework. https://t.co/vc4T0FnA52

The @TMMiFoundation and @iSQICert are delighted to confirm that the new “TMMi Test Process Improver” certification is now available globally.
More information about getting certified via the TMMi website: https://t.co/ZJQ9muhIUc
#SuccessWithTMMi #DigitalESP

I've just downloaded a copy of "TMMi in the Agile Era" from by @ErikvVeenendaal Download it here https://t.co/0XESt3J5vS #esconfs #eBook #testing #TMMi #Agile #TMMiModel

Check out the iSQI Mobile App Tester Certification, as recommended by the UK Testing Board, more details https://t.co/iFTTvhELr2


ISTQB® Vision – ” To continually improve and advance the software testing profession by: Defining and maintaining a Body of Knowledge which allows testers to be certified based on best practices, connecting the international software testing community, and encouraging research.”


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