Driving Software Testing Forward in the UK

UK Testing Board (UKTB) is a not for profit legal entity formed in 2007 whose roles include:

  • Support for ISTQB® certification schemes in the UK
  • Provision of accreditation for ISTQB® trainers and training materials in the UK via our exam partners (BCS and iSQI)
  • Working with testers, employers, education and other standard bodies to advance the professionalism of the software testing profession in the UK
  • The power behind UK language ISTQB® exams for BCS, iSQI and other international ISTQB® Exam Boards
  • Leading the industrialisation of Software Testing within the UK market through process consistency and standards adoption

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UKTB Board Members


The UKTB is a not for profit organisation, made up of volunteers from within the UK.  The Directors work on a voluntary basis on the board. All are specialists, practitioners, consultants and trainers that have experience in software testing and quality assurance related positions.

The board represents a cross section of testing companies from the UK (large companies, smaller companies and training providers) where no more than 49% of the board can be selected from any one company.

Each board member has a set of defined responsibilities as shown in the image.

Latest UKTB Updates


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The @TMMiFoundation is proud to announce that the 1st #TMMiCN Summit will be organized on the 8th of June, 2018 in China.
#SuccessWithTMMi #DigitalESP

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iSQI goes #India
#iSQI is very proud to announce the opening of two new offices in #Mumbai and #Bangalore, India.
Celebrate with us and join the first public #exam session on March 26th. Book your paperbased exam in our webshop.
More information: https://t.co/FYKkac15Ys

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46% of UK businesses have experienced security breaches or attacks. Interesting infographic document from a https://t.co/mpk5C1jom4 report last year highlighting the importance of cyber security: https://t.co/yA844kMocn

How to Use Tours to Ensure Complete and Thorough Exploratory Testing - Exploratory Testing Tours: How to Ensure a High-Quality Software Product using Exploratory Test Tours Exploratory testing is not a testing methodology. Rather it is an approach to ... https://t.co/DrLFHzSAZo

ISTQB® is happy to welcome Armenian Software LLC to its Partner program! - Armenian Software LLC has joined the program at the Gold Partnership level. Visit the https://t.co/SpRswYWIEP and https://t.co/nzfmlwWJ4L for more details about the Partner Pro... https://t.co/jjjajmL3V8


ISTQB® Vision – ” To continually improve and advance the software testing profession by: Defining and maintaining a Body of Knowledge which allows testers to be certified based on best practices, connecting the international software testing community, and encouraging research.”


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