ISTQB®: International Software Testing Qualifications Board (www.istqb.org) is a non-profit association, founded in 2002 with its operational headquarters in Belgium.

ISTQB® has its own constitution, rules and regulations regulated by Belgian law.

The organisation is composed of volunteer international testing experts and is responsible for the “ISTQB® Certified Tester” scheme worldwide.

ISTQB® is the world’s leading organisation for Software Testing Certification


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Gaining certifications with ISTQB provides the following individual benefits for professional development:

  • International recognition of acquired competencies and skills
  • Authorised to use “Certified Tester” logo (specifying the level of certification)
  • Whole career path support, from Foundation to Expert level
  • Transferable skills


ISTQB® certification can provide a competitive advantage for companies, promising a higher level of reliability of the applications being developed due to efficient and cost effective testing practices derived from the ISTQB® competencies.

Consulting companies with certified staff can offer higher-level services to customers, increasing revenues and brand values.

Employees can also benefit with ISTQB® certification when seeking their next assignment or project internally through transferable skills and consistent terminology

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  1. ISTQB® promote the value of software testing as a profession to individuals and organizations.
  2. ISTQB® help software testers to be more efficient and effective in their work, through the certification of competencies.
  3. ISTQB® enable testers to progress their career through a Professional Code of Ethics and a multi-level certification pathway that provides them with the skills and knowledge they need to fulfil their growing responsibilities and to achieve increased professionalism.
  4. ISTQB® continually advance the Testing Body of Knowledge by drawing on the best available industry practices and the most innovative research, and we make this knowledge freely available to all.
  5. ISTQB® set the criteria for accrediting training providers, to ensure consistent delivery of the Body of Knowledge, worldwide.
  6. ISTQB® regulate the content and coverage of exam questions, the examination process, and the issuing of certifications by official examination bodies.
  7. ISTQB® are committed to expanding software testing certifications around the world, by admitting member boards into the ISTQB®. These boards adhere to the constitution, bylaws, and processes defined by the ISTQB®, and participate in regular audits.
  8. ISTQB® nurture an open international community, committed to sharing knowledge, ideas, and innovations in software testing. We foster relationships with academia, government, media, professional associations and other interested parties.
  9. ISTQB® foster relationships with academia, government, media, professional associations and other interested parties
  10. ISTQB® provide a reference point against which the effectiveness of testing services can be evaluated, by maintaining our prominence as a respected source of knowledge in software testing.


ISTQB® operates through a General Assembly, an Executive Committee and a number of Working Groups (WGs).

ISTQB® connection to the local communities is ensured by Member Boards and by Training Providers and Exam Bodies, UKITB is the local member board for the UK supported by two exam partners, BCS and iSQI




The ISTQB® creates the syllabi, manages all the activities of the Working Groups and defines the rules for accreditation and certification; it acts as umbrella organization for all its Member Boards.

The Member Boards act in the local communities, such as the UK, as direct contacts to professionals and organisations interested in the ISTQB® scheme; accredit training providers and conduct exams, through exam bodies in the UK. Training providers create the course material in alignment with syllabi and perform training to those professionals interested in such service; taking a training course is not a pre-requisite for sitting in an exam.


The development of ISTQB® is facilitated by international working groups for the cooperative design of syllabi, exam rules, processes, etc.The ISTQB® Working Groups ensure the development and the spread of the knowledge according to the most up-to-date needs of the profession.

Each working group is composed by many members from the different Boards around the world and is lead by a Chair and a Vice Chair

More details of the current working group chairs can be found here


More Information

For more details about ISQTB®, the services offered to testers, employers, academia and to understand how you could get involved see here.